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Can be substantial, and depends on the unresolved issues that need to go to court.As if the marriage never happened. Rare, must be an affront or fraud as to one or more of the essentials of marriage. Otherwise it is going to be just a divorce.Yes and No. The money spent by one party to a marriage on someone outside the marriage will be heard as to the money spent, marital waste of sorts. But the actual financial impact of the "affair" is often negligible. However, the Court may see the adultery as poor judgment on the part of the adulterer, an issue of character and credibility or lack thereof? If one party lacks character and credibility, the impact can be far greater when the court reviews his or her position and weighs the other contested issues.Yes but is more a statement of fact than a court directing anyone to live anywhere. Sometimes in contested custody cases where one parent wants o move out of state, the court may render an opinion that the children will be primarily with one parent but only so long as that parent does not relocate as they originally requested. The primary parent is also limited from relocating his or her residence from the time of the final judgment forward via statute to fifty miles from the other parent, without further court approval.Truly uncontested divorces, with a joint petition for dissolution of marriage signed by both sides can be very quick. But most likely not less than two weeks. Please understand, we get those calls all the time and maybe 3 out of 100 are truly uncontested.Two months of due diligence and basic discovery exchanged. Then mediation, temporary relief hearing if necessary, final discovery and mediation again before Final Hearing. Most cases resolve before trial because, by that time, both sides have learned what they need to know to make an informed decision.Yes, An action for Paternity. Same basic rights of any parent married or unmarried.Then you let the Judge decide your case. No one can or should be "forced" to sign anything.Very broad question. The court has to take evidence on any child related matters, since the Court is the ultimate fact finder and decision maker as to the care of the child. If there are no children and there are no assets, no debts, no jointly titled anything then the court will grant the divorce at a default hearing after the one party testifies to the above.There is no fault based divorce anymore. Just Irreconcilable differences. If the court had to hear every reason a marriage is broken, the wheels of justice would grind to a halt.Ability to pay and need. Length of marriage, age, health and ability to work. There are more.Til death do you part? Lol. Actually if one side sits on his or her rights provided in a final judgment and does nothing to enforce same, for an overly extended amount of time, and the other side has relied upon that lack of pursuit and changed position, then the Court may not enforce those rights.Presumption of equally from date of marriage to date of filing. Can be overcome for a variety of reasons.A decent retainer. money for the attorney to do his or her job. A misnomer.

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